8 June 2019

Bodies In The Way


Toynbee Studios
28 Commercial Street
E1 6AB
T 020 7650 2350

Tickets for Edythe Woolley and Ania Varez: £10/£8 concessions. All other events are free. Buy tickets for both shows and receive 20% off. 
Full line-up to be released soon.

2 Degrees Festival takes over Toynbee Studios with a day of performance, film and discussion by queer artists. Join us to amplify voices less heard in the climate conversation as we empower ourselves to change our future together.

We have a few free tickets for this event for those that would like to attend, but are unable to pay the full ticket price. Please email 2degrees@artsadmin.co.uk in advance to request one of these.

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Edythe Woolley: FISHY

We live in the Anthropocene: a geological era testifying to the permanent impact human activity has had on the planet. Micro-plastics contaminate waterways, oceans, bodies and have even been fossilised, leaving remnants for future generations to discover. Fifty years ago scientists spotted humans’ prehistoric ancestor, the lobe-finned fish, which was thought to be extinct. The ancient world suddenly entered the present, but how will it cope in the future?

FISHY is a visually mesmerizing post-punk performance. Edythe uses the grotesque to create a dreamy turned nightmarish queer underworld that explores the altered ecosystems of our impending future. Here, the old-world slips and collides with the industrial pop Anthropocene.

Edythe is a performance artist with an interdisciplinary practice that marries visual art, film and theatre. Described as “Surreal and sassy as fuck” (Great SEXpectations) Edythe’s intuitive based practice confuses the glamorous and the grotesque creating dreamlike, visceral and playfully political performances that foreground queer feminist narratives.


12pm and 3.30pm

Ania Varez: Guayabo

Through story-telling, film and the long-distance exchange of rituals of celebration and grief, people are invited to connect with Ania’s family in Venezuela and with the severe humanitarian crisis they live in, challenging the boundaries of acting and caring for one another, as mediums for survival, transformation and belonging.

Please note that audiences will be required to provide their phone number in order to participate in the event. All personal data will be deleted following the performance.

Ania Varez is a Venezuelan interdisciplinary artist based in Bristol, UK. Through different mediums such as choreography, text, film and sound, she facilitates opportunities for people to exercise care, choice and attention, looking for new ways of being together and being here.


12-5pm, open Studio
5pm, performance sharing

Xavier de Sousa and Andre Neely: Open Studio

Xavier de Sousa and Andre Neely are in residence at Toynbee Studios throughout 2 Degrees Festival, exploring how climate protest and performative action can lead to domino-effect replications. Throughout the festival, the artists will invite audiences and experts alike to contribute to their research on environmental and queer activism in public spaces. You are invited to join this open studio sharing to participate, contribute to and witness the research undertaken.

Andre Neely is an artist working predominantly in live performance, writing and time-based mediums. Currently occupied with reflective research on personal, collective and spatial healing practices, they seek new ways of finding togetherness between each other and the world around us in times of crisis.

Xavier de Sousa is a performance maker, curator and producer whose practice explores personal and political heritage and the dichotomies between the live experience and agency in the performance space. His solo practice includes theatre show, ‘POST’ (currently touring), and durational performance character ‘Almost Xav’ (Southbank Centre, Latitude Festival).

You can let us know your access requirements ahead of time by emailing access@artsadmin.co.uk.

Photo by Manuel Vason

Photo by Manuel Vason

Bodies in the Way 2019-06-08 00:00:00 2019-06-08 00:00:00 Toynbee Studios, London UK
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