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Our policies

Read our policies including safer spaces, transitioning at work, privacy, sustainability, ethical fundraising and ticketing and returns.

People in a studio space

Accessibility policy

We aim to embed accessibility across our artistic programme and building, Toynbee Studios
A photo of Oozing Gloop and Olympia Bukkakis performing on stage to an audience. They are both stood centre-stage smiling with one hand open to the side. They are attached to a single rope wrapped around them. Oozing Gloop’s face is painted green, she is wearing a brown and white long-sleeved dress with a red pirate. Olympia Bukkakis has white skin, a bald head and long elf ears. She is wearing an identical brown and white dress. Purple stage lights gleam behind them as the crowd engagingly watches them.

Trans inclusion at work policy

We aim to create and uphold a safe place of work for transgender people and are committed to supporting staff through transition
A photo of two people with headphones on, watching a film installation on a screen

Privacy policy

We’re committed to best practice in the handling of personal and sensitive data and careful compliance with requirements of GDPR
A photo of a group of people participating in a workshop

Welcome statement

We are working towards making Toynbee Studios the safest space it can be for artists, audiences, visitors and staff.