Katherine Araniello


Katherine Araniello trained in Fine Art at London Guildhall University (1996-99) and Goldsmiths College (2002-2004).  Her work is a continued investigation and exploration of ways to challenge and subvert representations of physical disability.  She translates an unforgiving attitude into visualising concepts, often using her art to parody the profound ignorance that disabled people face on a daily basis.  The prime focus is to subvert and parody complex contemporary issues often to do with disability such as assisted suicide, media representation, prejudice and ignorance and body aesthetics. Using a variety of media including film and performance she transforms these complex and serious issues to make works that are humorous and playful with a critical edge.  She collaborates regularly with Aaron Williamson under the guise of The Disabled Avant-Garde. She is a member of the film collective 15MM, and has shown work at Beaconsfield, Tate Modern, Gasworks and Serpentine Gallery to name a few.

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