Zineb Sedira


Zineb Sedira has been making work in installation, photography, film & video since 1997.  She was awarded an Artsadmin bursary in 1999-2000 and a deciBel Visual Arts Award in 2004.  She has many solo exhibitions including Palais de Tokyo, Paris, Museum of Contemporary Art, Marseille, Iniva, The Photographers’ Gallery London, and was part of the British Art Show 6 and has exhibited extensively internationally.  

Zineb's new body of work which started with Saphir (2006) represents a significant new stage in Zineb's artistic trajectory where her work explores the metaphors of “the sea, the boats, arriving and departing...stasis and transition, entrapment and escape, belonging and not belonging.” (Richard Dyer, 2006).

Zineb's film & video works, Middle Sea (2008) and Floating Coffins (2009) was produced by Artsadmin and is touring internationally.  Artsadmin is line producing Lore of the Sea (2011), commissioned by Folkestone Triennial, a multi-media work exploring the Cap Caxine lighthouse, built in 1868 by the French, near the capital of Algiers.  The Folkestone Triennial takes place from 25 June – 25 September 2011.

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