Early Warning Signs – Adopt a Sign!

Posted by: Artsadmin on Jul 19, 2011
Photo by Immo Klink
As part of Ellie Harrison’s residency at Artsadmin’s 2011 Two Degrees Festival in London, four of these special signs were placed out along London’s Commercial Street for the week 12-18 June 2011. Utilising the brazen marketing techniques of capitalism, the signs desperately tried to grab the attention of passers-by; to force climate change back onto the agenda. The harder the wind blows, the faster they go!

Adopt a Sign

Whilst in residence, Ellie thought long-and-hard about the environmental compromise of producing such material-heavy permanent signs for the sake of a one week festival (read more in her guest post for Artsonline). She felt that it was important for the festival’s (and her own) integrity, if the signs were allowed to continue to promote their cause long into the future. So she has launched this campaign to find suitable organisations to ‘adopt’ them by committing to displaying them in an outdoor public location for at least a year.


The sign will be delivered to your site free-of-charge on the following conditions:
- the sign must be displayed publicly (preferable on the street) for at least one year following its delivery
- the sign must be ‘put out’ on display during all days / hours that the organisation is open
- the organisation must take responsibility for the sign’s safety, stability and security during this time
- at the end of the year, the organisation must pay for the cost of delivering the sign to another organisation

To Apply

Please email the following information to ellie@ellieharrison.com with ‘Early Warning Signs’ as subject:
1. your full name, address and organisation
2. a sentence explaining why you would like the sign
3. a photo of the proposed location for the sign

DEADLINE: Friday 16th September 2011
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