The Quiddity Grid by Frances Scott

Posted by: Artsadmin on Nov 23, 2011

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Frances Scott has accompanied Tim Spooner throughout his Artsadmin Bursary as outside eye, meeting regularly to experience and discuss Tim's work. Her text The Quiddity Grid, emerged as a response to Tim's '24 Grotesque Manipulations', a performance developed with bursary support and first performed at Toynbee Studios in March 2011. 

24 Grotesque Manipulations was a demonstration of altered objects, flawed walking machines, nervous sculptures and cartoon protoplasms – the above photo slideshow is documentation of the event. Frances' text is a limited edition print available from Artsadmin and various bookstores and art shops around London, but you can also download a copy by clicking on the above link.

It includes three conversing parts: The Quiddity Grid, an introduction or home for potential readings; 24 Object Recalls, a series of illustrated micro-chapters; and The Afterword That Lives Outside The Cave, a short narrative written at the beginning of the dialogue between Tim and Frances, but one that might suggest an ending.

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