E-digest? There's (going to be) an app for that...

Posted by: Cat Harrison on Jan 24, 2012
It’s probably more than a little bit sad but I hold Artsadmin’s e-digest (our weekly email for artists and people working in the arts) quite dear to my heart. When I first started interning at Artsadmin many moons ago (approximately 36 I think) it was one of the first tasks I was introduced to, looking over the e-digest for any typos or mistakes.

A year later I was editing the entire thing, which in itself isn’t such a hard task – the way I see it, it’s mainly just making sure that the right information is reaching the right artists. Whether it be call-outs, platforms, job opportunities, training or just a room to stay in for a couple of weeks, it seemed like a good idea to get these necessities out to artists in as comprehensive way as possible.

This week we're sending out the 500th e-digest, which is pretty incredible when you think that means it’s over 10 years old. Apparently it started when Artsadmin first employed Manick Govinda (now Head of Artsadmin’s Advisory Service) and he started putting together useful opportunities or events he came across and sending out to his list of contacts. Since then there have been many many editors, including pretty much all of Artsadmin’s Trainees. When I was a Trainee it was my weekly task and a couple of weeks ago I was proud to pass the mantle onto our new Trainee Edd Hobbs.

But of course it’s not just the editors involved - these days anyone can submit posts online and the e-digest goes out to around 8000 active members. It’s incredible to hear what’s going on all over the UK and know that there’s this brilliant, active and talented community right outside on our virtual doorstep.

We’re hoping now we can make the e-digest even more accessible, even more useful and even more up to date by creating some smartphone and mobile versions so you can use it on the go. We’re raising all the money online – I won’t go on about it, but if you’ve used the e-digest, if you find it useful and can give anything at all, please do help us by donating here.

AND… if you have any comments on what you’d like to see more of from our e-digest, or ideas of what we could do with an e-digest app, please let us know here… One thing’s for sure – that we want to make the e-digest as valuable for you, the artist, as possible.

Right… Here’s to the next 500!
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