Town Hall Artworks Photo Tour

Posted by: Artsadmin on Aug 16, 2012
1. Corinne Felgate. Über Achiever. Corinne and her assistant spent over 4 weeks sticking the 100,000 individual gold stars onto board. They did this in a circular motion, which makes the piece look quite vortex-like, as does the collage’s oak frame, which mirrors the other doors in the hotel.

2. Kristian De La Riva. Tomorrowland. Kristian created 6 different hand-drawn animations that are presented on an American 1950s console in the lobby – the idea behind them is that each short film is an example of an invention that people from 1939 would imagine in 2039. A further 6 animations (a bit more adult in content!) are also presented online – guests are given the URL and password when they book in.

3. Sarah Baker. The Blind Beggar of Bethnal Green. Sarah created two hand-printed photographs on aluminium and perspex, one of the legendary Bessee de Montfort and this one of her father The Blind Beggar. In his hand he holds a scroll and Bessee holds a tarot card, and both these feature on the hotel’s keycards, which were also designed by Sarah Baker.

4. Corinne Felgate. Flim Flam. Throughout a whole corridor on the first floor, Corinne replaced the hotel’s exotic plants with artificial stand-ins flocked to camouflage the interiors behind them.

5. Bethan Lloyd Worthington. A Pace Or Two Ahead Of Us. Taking a quote from Evelyn Waugh’s “Brideshead Revisited” Bethan created a series of abstract glass laminates on several fire doors throughout the 2nd floor corridor. Each door alludes to an image of a figure in the distance. This detail of a hand is based on Bethan’s own.

6. Bernd Behr. Corridor. Also on the 2nd floor is Bernd’s jesmonite and neon sculpture set against an infinity mirror. The sculpture sits alongside a 15 minute audio story Bernd also created for the hotel, called “The Eyes of Moiré Chung” which can be downloaded here.

7. Bethan Lloyd Worthington. Constellation. Bethan created this sculpture by smashing porcelain and connecting with brass to create a fictitious constellation. It sits in the hotel’s most decadent room – The De Montfort Suite.

8. Sarah Baker. Do Not Disturb signs. Sarah used 1950s pin-up as inspiration for her lithographic print DND signs. Hang the sign one way (“Clean my Room”) and Sarah appears in full French maid gear, hang the other (“Do Not Disturb”) and her dress disappears. Sarah often appears in her work but for this piece she had to do extra training in yoga to get the right pose.

9. Toby Christian. Finger (VI). Toby crafted this giant finger out of Italian marble, and is based on his own right index finger. The piece sits as part of a wider series of work by Toby called “Appendages” – large marble sculptures of different anatomies, from ears, noses and penises, that are created to look like they’ve broken off much larger classical sculptures.

10. Michaela Nettell. Echoes. Michaela created this lightbox diptych from taking hundreds of images of the hotel’s Ante-Chamber windows at different times of the day, and then overlapping them to create this concertina effect image. The piece aims to bring some impression of natural light into relatively dark Lower Ground corridor.
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