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Posted on Nov 28, 2013
Nick Cassen, from Work Experience 2013

Kicked off by a blog post from Bryony Kimmings, the last week has seen a number of artists and organisations tackling the topic of money in the arts. From artists’ earnings to relationships with venues, touring practice, company pay policies and visions of the future, there’s a lot to cover.

We’ve rounded up some of the blogs and comment we’ve seen. If you have more please let us know and we’ll add them to the list.

Bryony Kimmings: You Show Me Yours…

Emily Coleman: I'll Show You Mine: Re-addressing the Balance

Andy Field (Forest Fringe): Two Ideas Towards Transparency

Matt Adams of Blast Theory: Cash Money

Dan Eastmond of The Firestation: On Money, Haggling & Beaches

Marcus Romer of Pilot Theatre: A list of things that I have worked out that are important to consider for the Arts

Alan Lane of Slung Low: Transparency, money and being the theatre company we want to be

Susan Jones of a-n’s Art Party Provocation: A Feast for Sore Eyes

Added on 29 November 2013

David Jubb from BAC on how they work with artists

Xenia Pestova: Who Feeds the Artist

Elly Clarke: Why Mention Money When We're Looking at Art

Filskit Theatre on A Younger Theatre: Can you Afford to be an Artist?

Anna Beecher on a Younger Theatre: I'll Show You Mine

Maddy Costa: Money and Time and Time and Money

Leo Burtin: Growing Up: An Offer

A Storify roundup of #illshowyoumine posts from Jason Crouch

Paul Meshejian: A Life in Theate (a US take on money in theatre)

And a follow up post by Bryony: Massive and Mighty!!

Amelia Bird on A Younger Theatre: I'll Show you Mine

Added on 4 March 2014

Gillie Kleiman: Above and Below

Added on 11 June 2014

Richard Aslan: How long can we go on? 

Chris Swain: Response to How long can we go on?

We do what we can to support artists in what we know is a tough environment. Do let us know in the comments if you have ideas about other resources, workshops or support we could offer.

#illshowyoumine #artsfunding

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