Money Talks films - 2015

Posted by: Artsadmin on May 19, 2015

Money Talks was an artists’ discussion event focusing on raising money for arts projects and providing support for artists who are interested in exploring avenues of funding outside of the traditional routes. 

Watch films documenting three of the speakers: Shaheen Merali, Harry Giles and Linda Florence. 

Shaheen spoke about the inventive ways artists are delivering context, personally and collectively to a progressively competitive art world. Harry and Linda talked about their experiences as artists on how they sell and market their work and practice, raising issues of representation and commodification.

This event was delivered in partnership with the Arts Fundraising and Philanthropy Programme.

Money Talks puts artists’ experiences and reflections at the heart of a two-year action research project on fundraising by Artsadmin, Home Live Art and Live Art Development Agency funded by Arts Council England’s Catalyst Programme.

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