On the road with The Roadless Trip... Aberystwyth

Posted on Jul 1, 2015

The Roadless Trip by Sarah Woods did its first five performances for
various community groups in and around Aberystwyth, from 14-17 April.
One of the performers, Lil Woods, gives her account of the mini-tour here:

Setting off with two cars, three dogs, and a whole lot of wicker we
arrived in Machynlleth, Wales late on a Tuesday night. Albeit long, and
with a guilty conscience of the Badger John ran over the journey wasn't
arduous, an 8/10 if you will. Continuing in his streak of vehicle related
issues John proceeded to pick up a parking ticket at our first venue,
Mind Aberystwyth. After a thoroughly interesting performance to a lovely,
intimate audience we packed up and set off again to Aberystwyth Arts
Centre, for our second performance. John and I made friends with a man
called Glyn, who helped us to block out the sun in our performance room,
the venue was lovely, and if you stood in the middle your voice got
really loud.

Fantastically, our performances were gaining some really banging
responses. People WANTED to stay at the end to talk to us, they were
HAPPY to be filmed, which was refreshing. Although I couldn't help
thinking that something wasn't quite right, I mean although it's Wales we
were still in the UK, a place where queuing neatly is a skill, and being
filmed by three randomers with an ambulance is not within one's comfort
zone. Maybe it was because we gave out prizes.

After three more performances we were exhilarated, if a little tired. I
was especially pleased with our performance at The Centre for Alternative
Technology, where mum and I not only managed to talk to a whopping 20
people after the performance, but also unleashed some top notch wanter
(witty banter).

Overall the Welsh leg of the tour was fab, a good 8/10, if you will.

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