Crossing Divides: support At Home in Gaza and London

Posted on Aug 15, 2016
Photo by Jenny Matthews

Station House Opera's At Home in Gaza and London uses live performance and digital invention to bring together people separated by great political, economic and physical divides. Cultivating a new means of interaction with a creative community that's been shut away from the world, it offers a fresh, personal response to Gaza and its isolation.

We need your help to make the next phase of this work happen: a four-week workshop from 17 October – 13 November. Any contribution you can make will give artists in Gaza the chance to collaborate with artists in the UK, giving them an otherwise unobtainable international profile.

And you'll be in good company too:

Miriam Margolyes, Actress: “I totally support this exciting project. My only visit to Gaza was 25 years ago. I shall never forget it and when I see the video of the Station House Opera performance I realise how vital the contribution of the Arts is, in bringing people together and a sense of hope back to a place blighted by Israeli intransigence. May it flourish and prosper; I welcome such innovation, using live performance & digital invention to transform our world.”

Brian Eno, Producer: "After the most recent destruction in Gaza, in 2014, the nations of the world got together and decided to DO SOMETHING. Between them they pledged €5billion to rebuild Gaza. And then they all got on planes and went home - and, mostly, forgot to send the money. As a result, Gaza is still a massive bomb site, with families living among piles of broken concrete, damaged hospitals functioning as best they can, and no prospect of anything like a normal existence for the 2 million people trapped there. We can’t let this continue…and, if we start understanding what is really happening there, through creative projects like At Home in Gaza and London, we won’t let it continue."

Leila Sansour, Filmmaker: "This is a truly inspiring project which celebrates the power of art to break barriers. Not unlike the tunnels of Gaza, this work is a virtual highway that provides a link to a creative community in a city that has been shut away from the world. What an ingenius way for artists in Gaza to work with their contemporaries abroad and to have access to international audiences.”

Hanan Al Shaykh, Author: "When occupation and violence tarnishes humanity and kills. Art cleanses and brings back justice and life."

Every donation received goes directly towards the development of At Home in Gaza and London into a full production for 2017. Perks including a photo book and a hamper of Palestinian produce are up for grabs!

Read more about the project here.

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