From Snapchat to Food Awards: work experience at Artsadmin

Posted on Jul 4, 2018
Fatma and Katie at the Tower Hamlets Food for Health Awards

"My name is Fatma. I’m a student at a school in Hackney and I managed to get work experience at Artsadmin through my Arts Emergency mentor, Katie Haines, who is Head of Marketing and Development at the UK-based organisation.

Through my time at the company, I was able to find out about the various departments at Artsadmin, from producing, marketing and Artist Development to finance. This gave me the opportunity to learn about how the workings of each team contribute to the operation and vision of the overall organisation.

I sat in meetings which allowed me to see how the colleagues communicate their ideas and also had one-to-one meetings with the different members of the marketing and development team. I was given tasks to complete, which both challenged me and additionally helped in informing and developing my skills. I used office software such as Microsoft Excel, as lots of the tasks included creating spreadsheets and inputting data.

I was also given the chance to introduce a new form of digital marketing to the team: Snapchat. I created a presentation about how people use the app and introduced some ideas as to how this social media can be used to advertise businesses and organisations. I presented this to the marketing and development team.

In addition, I also got to work closely with the finance department having a one-to-one meeting with Mwiza, the Head of Finance, who taught me how to use the accounting software AccountEdge, giving me the opportunity to learn in a really practical way.

Artsadmin’s Arts Bar and Café won a Gold Award for Tower Hamlets Food for Health, which I went to collect, along with two other members from the organisation. Along with collecting the award I got the opportunity to network with various business owners in the Tower Hamlets area as well as helping to promote and raise the profile of Artsadmin by giving business cards and booklets to local businesses about upcoming events."

Fatma gained a placement with Artsadmin through her year-long mentorship with Arts Emergency. Find out more about their work online.

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