Work experience at Artsadmin with Arts Emergency

Posted on Aug 14, 2019

“My name is Mahalia and I go to sixth form in South East London and I gained a work experience placement through a programme called Arts Emergency who matched me with Artsadmin.

During the work experience by talking to people with different job roles in the marketing department I learnt about the numerous career options available for people who study the visual and performance arts and other humanities subjects which has encouraged me to be more open-minded and adventurous when choosing what courses to study in university. 

At Artsadmin I shadowed Katie Haines (Head of Marketing and Development) whom I went into meetings with, which as someone who is currently studying A Level Sociology, I found it interesting how much sociology is used in marketing - for example, how to choose which demographic will be the primary audience/market and deciding whether to use quantitative or qualitative research methods to gather information that can help in evaluating who the primary audience is and why. In the meetings I also gained insight on how ideas are communicated and projects are executed in a group setting. 

Throughout the work experience, I was assigned various tasks which included answering questions which required me to reflect on Artsadmin’s marketing (e.g. how I would market Artsadmin and analyse how different social media platforms are used as marketing tools) and making props in order to help prepare for upcoming performance workshops. I also begun to feel more confident in presenting my ideas in meetings – I mentioned some of my ideas during a meeting on how to market the re-opening of the café.” 

Mahalia gained a work experience placement with Artsadmin through Arts Emergency. Find out more about their work online.

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