It's not the winning…

Posted by: Laura Milnes on May 29, 2012

Laura Milnes explores the phenomenon of sporting hysteria and the need to strive towards something collectively. Because every now and again we need something ridiculous and fun to do... more


Posted by: Laura Milnes on Dec 5, 2011

As Laura Milnes completes her role as Trainee Producer with Artsadmin she struggles to answer the question 'So, what do you do?' and the problems with defining what she does in a single sentance. more

Photo by Milda Sokolovaite

Performance Really Doesn't Matter

Posted by: Laura Milnes on Nov 8, 2011

Laura Milnes asks if you’ve ever taken your Nan to a live art gig.


The “Art” formerly known as “Performance _”

Posted by: Laura Milnes on Oct 11, 2011

Laura Milnes likes things you can’t define... more

I will be out of the office until…

Posted by: Laura Milnes on Aug 26, 2011

It’s August. The world is in Edinburgh. Laura Milnes isn’t… more

Detail from 'The Crow who didn't know...' (2011) Claire Blundell Jones. Photo by Laura Milnes

A Step into the Unknown

Posted by: Laura Milnes on Jun 17, 2011

Laura Milnes tests her mettle as she crosses the breach into unknown territory while working on two unidentified [flying] projects. more

Photo by Laura Milnes

The idea before the haircut

Posted by: Laura Milnes on Mar 25, 2011

Laura Milnes got more the average haircut when she booked an appointment at The Haircut Before The Party... more

Baring my soul... and other things

Posted by: Laura Milnes on Feb 21, 2011

Laura Milnes, Artsadmin's trainee producer, faces her fears and dives head first into a revealing weekend workshop with Oreet Ashery. more

Welcome to the world of work

Posted by: Laura Milnes on Jan 17, 2011

A few days into the first week in my new job, 52,000 students protested through the streets of London, and around 200 occupied the site of the Conservative party’s campaign headquarters in Westminster.

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