Our anti-racism actions to date and our plans for the immediate future

Posted by: on Jun 23, 2020

In early June, in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, we wrote that “we are actively committed to educating ourselves and are in the process of discussing and actioning a lot of changes in our organisation.” We want to share with you what this really means and what we are doing to be actively anti-racist.


#Artsadmin40: Judith Knight – Collaborative Working

Posted by: on Dec 11, 2019

Founder and former Director, Judith Knight, talks about trust the complexity of the relationship between artists and producers. 


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#Artsadmin40: Judith Knight – Toynbee Studios

Posted by: on Nov 28, 2019

Judith Knight talks about how Toynbee Studios came to be Artsadmin's home and a place for artists.


Elinor Lewis, Orchard (BANNER 2018). Photo by Greg Goodale.

Making Toynbee Studios greener and more inclusive

Posted by: on Nov 1, 2019

We're thrilled to announce that we've been awarded £189,166 through Arts Council England's Small Capital Grants to make Toynbee Studios even more accessible and carbon neutral by 2025.


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#Artsadmin40: Judith Knight – From Persil to Paris

Posted by: on Oct 30, 2019

Judith Knight recounts foraying to Europe with no money in the early days of Artsadmin.


#Artsadmin40: Curious – Hybrid Art

Posted by: on Oct 24, 2019

Artist duo Curious talk about interdisciplinarity and working across multiple artforms during their twenty-year relationship with Artsadmin.


#Artsadmin40: Rosemary Lee – Unexpected Art

Posted by: on Oct 10, 2019

Artsadmin celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. In this week's film, choreographer Rosemary Lee reflects on putting art in the most unusual of places.


#Artsadmin40: Mike Figgis – Playing with Risk

Posted by: on Sep 27, 2019

Over the coming weeks, we're sharing memories of Artsadmin over the past four decades. This week, Mike Figgis, one of the first artists to collaborate with Artsadmin, reflects on playing with risk in his early career in theatremaking.


Access and inclusion work at Artsadmin

Posted by: on Sep 18, 2019

Since the spring, we've been doing a lot of listening, talking and thinking, and we have also been focusing on a plan of action to help us to understand and improve our practices and working structures.


Artsadmin receives EU funding for two major collaborative projects

Posted by: on Aug 6, 2019

Artsadmin is delighted to find out that we have been awarded funding through Creative Europe along with 31 other UK organisations who will benefit from Cooperation Projects funding to run joint initiatives with other European countries.


Farewell to Nikki Tomlinson

Posted by: on Dec 14, 2018

After 14 years as Artsadmin's Lead Artists' Advisor, we wish farewell to long-standing and respected member of the team, Nikki Tomlinson.


Christoph Jankowski joins Artsadmin's Board of Trustees

Posted by: on Nov 13, 2018

Artsadmin is delighted to welcome Christoph Jankowski to our Board of Trustees.


In Chains: care, empowerment and survival

Posted by: Mary Osborn on Oct 10, 2018

Ahead of the opening of Hana Madness and the vacuum cleaner's exhibition, In Chains, at the National Gallery of Indonesia in Jakarta, Artists' Producer Mary Osborn reflects on how they got there.


My Traineeship: playground protests, pine branches and lessons learnt

Posted by: Emily Bird on Jul 19, 2018

From Birmingham city centre, to a local primary school, to the Barbican. Artsadmin Trainee Emily Bird reflects on her year working in producing and Artist Development.


Fatma and Katie at the Tower Hamlets Food for Health Awards

From Snapchat to Food Awards: work experience at Artsadmin

Posted by: on Jul 4, 2018

Year 12 student at The Urswick School, Fatma, recently spent three days working with Artsadmin through her Arts Emergency mentorship. She tells us a bit about what she got up to in this blog.


Artsadmin’s KIWI project features in a new Culture is Digital report

Posted by: on Mar 12, 2018

Artsadmin was chosen as a case study in this new Culture is Digital report.


Who's who: Siobhan

Posted by: on Sep 27, 2017

Six months in to her role as Education Producer, we catch up with Siobhan about the kind of projects she has planned for the coming months.


My traineeship: challenging, inspiring, humbling

Posted by: Karl Taylor on Jan 14, 2015

Karl Taylor reflects on his past year as Artsadmin's Trainee.


Artsadmin in 2013

Posted by: on Dec 19, 2013

A short summary of Artsadmin projects from 2013.


Luxuriant : Advert

Posted by: on Feb 7, 2013

An advert by Simon Vincenzi and Operation Inifinity giving an insight into their show, Luxuriant at Peopling the Palace Festival this February. more


Scarecrows and snail races, traditions and archives: The Ice Cream Van has launched

Posted by: Artsadmin on Jul 31, 2012

The Ice Cream Van by Rebecca Davies launched with The London Scarecrow Championships. Watch the video with scenes from the day and read about how you can be part of the ongoing archive... more

Photo by Joanne Matthews Post

How do we wear our politics?

Posted by: Artsadmin on Jul 27, 2012

The Haircut Before the Party and Open Barber's at Latitude 2012 - in pictures. more

Getting It Out There

Posted by: Artsadmin on May 31, 2012

Artsadmin Director Judith Knight's talk at the Live At LICA Getting It Out There symposium on 12 May. more

SOTA Smackdown 2012 Artists shaping the world = Arts world shaping up

Posted by: Cat Harrison on Mar 15, 2012

Cat Harrison attended the State of the Arts 2012 conference in Salford on an artists bursary, read her blow by blow account of the mind-bogglingly day and the pros and cons of holding a mass-meeting of the arts sector...

E-digest? There's (going to be) an app for that...

Posted by: Cat Harrison on Jan 24, 2012

We're raising money to create app and mobile versions of our e-digest. What would you like to see in an app for artists? more


Posted by: Laura Milnes on Dec 5, 2011

As Laura Milnes completes her role as Trainee Producer with Artsadmin she struggles to answer the question 'So, what do you do?' and the problems with defining what she does in a single sentance. more

Photo by Milda Sokolovaite

Performance Really Doesn't Matter

Posted by: Laura Milnes on Nov 8, 2011

Laura Milnes asks if you’ve ever taken your Nan to a live art gig.


New Producing Models Talk at Edinburgh 2011

Posted by: Artsadmin on Nov 3, 2011

Artsadmin Director Judith Knight talks about New Producing Models in the context of Artsadmin at Edinburgh Festival earlier this summer. more

The “Art” formerly known as “Performance _”

Posted by: Laura Milnes on Oct 11, 2011

Laura Milnes likes things you can’t define... more

photo by Stephen King

The Seat of Your Pants - Summer Project 2011

Posted by: Artsadmin on Sep 14, 2011

Stephen King's photos from the Artsadmin Summer Project 2011... more

I will be out of the office until…

Posted by: Laura Milnes on Aug 26, 2011

It’s August. The world is in Edinburgh. Laura Milnes isn’t… more

Toynbee Figs

Posted by: Stephen Watts on Aug 4, 2011

A poem from one our tenants, Stephen Watts about the delicious Toynbee figs... more

Detail from 'The Crow who didn't know...' (2011) Claire Blundell Jones. Photo by Laura Milnes

A Step into the Unknown

Posted by: Laura Milnes on Jun 17, 2011

Laura Milnes tests her mettle as she crosses the breach into unknown territory while working on two unidentified [flying] projects. more


This is tomorrow - Two Degrees video

Posted by: Artsadmin on Jun 13, 2011

Mark Godber and Sam Trotman introduce the 2011 festival and some of the artists and projects involved.


Two Degrees behind the scenes photos

Posted by: Sam Trotman on Jun 8, 2011

Check out a sneak preview of what's been going on in the lead up to Two Degrees 2011... more


Like a Bird in Wandsworth Park

Posted by: Cat Harrison on Jun 3, 2011

Cat Harrison reflects on taking a birds eye view of life in Wandsworth Park... more


Local Day slideshow

Posted by: Artsadmin on Apr 12, 2011

Some pictures from Mem Morrison's Local Day in Ponder's End. more

Visa Restrictions - the story so far

Posted by: Manick Govinda on Mar 21, 2011

Artist's Advisor, Manick Govinda explains the campaign against Visa Restrictions on non-EU artists and academics. more

Opportunities in Crisis

Posted by: Cat Harrison on Feb 3, 2011

It's a brilliant word that isn't it? Emerging. Its everywhere at the moment – it’s a bit of a buzzword. Emerging. Not emerged or submerged or established. No, I'm on the move: processing, progressing, digressing and exploring. It's a good place to be. more

More of everything: Our new site and Artsonline

Posted by: Sam Scott Wood on Jan 20, 2011

If I've learnt anything over the last year and a bit, it’s that building a website is never as simple as you think it’s going to be...

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