#Artsadmin40: Curious – Hybrid Art

Posted by: on Oct 24, 2019

Artist duo Curious talk about interdisciplinarity and working across multiple artforms during their twenty-year relationship with Artsadmin.


#Artsadmin40: Rosemary Lee – Unexpected Art

Posted by: on Oct 10, 2019

Artsadmin celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. In this week's film, choreographer Rosemary Lee reflects on putting art in the most unusual of places.


Call out for participants: performance and writing workshops with Deanna Rodger

Posted by: on Jun 6, 2019

Former UK slam poetry champion Deanna Rodger will lead a free writing and performance workshop for 16-25 year olds at Toynbee Studios on Saturday 20 July. 


Care, Rest and Misrecognition

Posted by: Emily Warner on Nov 15, 2017

This October Artsadmin partnered with Fierce Festival, programming a Weekender Lab led by Simone Aughterlony in advance of Aughterlony and Jen Rosenblit’s show Everything Fits in the Room during the festival. We asked Emily Warner to write about her experience of being a guest performer in the show as well as a participant in the Weekender Lab.


Animation #BOMH

Posted by: on Sep 9, 2015

Animation by Babis Alexiadis created from original drawings made by the company of The Barometer of My Heart


#2DegreesFestival: on Storify

Posted by: on Jun 16, 2015

A compiled story of the festival based on the moments shared online using #2DegreesFestival.



Dominoes in Marseille: film

Posted by: on Oct 31, 2014

Watch Station House Opera's Dominoes topple through Marseille.


Stacy Makishi - VesperTime trailer

Posted by: on Oct 29, 2014

Interview with Stacy Makishi ahead of the performance of her striking new work, VesperTime.


The Making of The Falsettos

Posted by: Artsadmin on Jan 29, 2014

Teaser film made by Claire Nolan on the making of Stacy Makishi's The Falsettos


Photo by Nikki Tomlinson.

An Interview with Stacy Makishi

Posted by: on Jan 22, 2014

Diana Damian-Martin interviews Stacy Makishi. Originally published in Exeunt Magazine on 17 May 2013.


PILOT festival: a look back

Posted by: Artsadmin on Oct 2, 2013

The best photos from the PILOT weekend with a review written by Katherine Wood.


Florence Peake's MAKE at Baltic

Posted by: on Sep 27, 2013

Film of Florence Peake's performance piece MAKE at Baltic.


Two Degrees: a look back

Posted by: Artsadmin on Sep 17, 2013

Artsadmin at Open East Festival photos 1

Posted by: Artsadmin on Aug 21, 2013

Photos of Handbag at Open East Festival 2013.


Imagine the Great Transition video

Posted by: Artsadmin on Aug 20, 2013

The final day of this year's Two Degrees festival was produced with LIFT and was dedicated to work and relflection on nef's publication Imagine the Great Transition.



Edgy Centres video

Posted by: Artsadmin on Aug 7, 2013

Video of project Edgy Centres with students at Leyton Sixth Form experimenting with notions of space.


7 Promises at Two Degrees

Posted by: Artsadmin on Jun 19, 2013

On the evening of 18 June promises were made and rewarded with shots...


The Falsettos

Posted by: Artsadmin on Apr 29, 2013

Stacy Makishi talks to Lois Weaver talk about Stacy's new show, The Falsettos...


Out of Water film

Posted by: Artsadmin on Feb 28, 2013

The singers are out of breath. The swimmers are out of their depth... Watch the film of Out of Water by Hydar Dewachi. more

King Real Against the Guidelines : Advert

Posted by: Artsadmin on Feb 7, 2013

An advert by Simon Vincenzi and Operation Inifinity ahead of the London premiere on King Real Against the Guidelines at Toynbee Studios this March.


Luxuriant : Advert

Posted by: on Feb 7, 2013

An advert by Simon Vincenzi and Operation Inifinity giving an insight into their show, Luxuriant at Peopling the Palace Festival this February. more

It's not the winning…

Posted by: Laura Milnes on May 29, 2012

Laura Milnes explores the phenomenon of sporting hysteria and the need to strive towards something collectively. Because every now and again we need something ridiculous and fun to do... more

What Matters launches

Posted by: Artsadmin on Apr 12, 2012

What Matters, sitting somewhere between a choreographed exhibition and an exhibited choreography launches tonight at Siobhan Davies Studios. The Curators, Lucy Cash and Becky Edmunds introduce the connections and questions that influence the festival.


photo by Hydar Dewachi

∆E=W by Emma Smith at Tate Modern - video

Posted by: Artsadmin on Mar 9, 2012

Video by Hydar Dewachi from a performance of Emma Smith's game ∆E=W performed at Tate Modern in 2011...


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