#2DegreesFestival: on Storify

Posted by: on Jun 16, 2015

A compiled story of the festival based on the moments shared online using #2DegreesFestival.


All Roads Lead to Rome Trailer

Posted by: Artsadmin on Mar 3, 2014

Chris Dobrowolski's sneak preview into All Roads Lead to Rome



Money Talks: films

Posted by: Artsadmin on Nov 27, 2013

Films from Money Talks on crowdfunding and ethical fundraising.


Two Degrees: a look back

Posted by: Artsadmin on Sep 17, 2013

Imagine the Great Transition video

Posted by: Artsadmin on Aug 20, 2013

The final day of this year's Two Degrees festival was produced with LIFT and was dedicated to work and relflection on nef's publication Imagine the Great Transition.



Give change a chance

Posted by: Artsadmin on Aug 6, 2013

A talk our Assistant artists' advisor & producer, Cat Harrison, gave at the All Ireland Performing Arts Conference.


What Next? reflection

Posted by: Mary Osborn on May 15, 2013

Artsadmin trainee Mary Osborn reflects on the recent What Next? conference.


Getting It Out There

Posted by: Artsadmin on May 31, 2012

Artsadmin Director Judith Knight's talk at the Live At LICA Getting It Out There symposium on 12 May. more

New Producing Models Talk at Edinburgh 2011

Posted by: Artsadmin on Nov 3, 2011

Artsadmin Director Judith Knight talks about New Producing Models in the context of Artsadmin at Edinburgh Festival earlier this summer. more

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