The Right to Queer

Posted by: Hana Tait on Aug 1, 2011

Hana Tait reflects on the processes of putting on a Queer film night... more

Photo by Immo Klink

Early Warning Signs – Adopt a Sign!

Posted by: Artsadmin on Jul 19, 2011

Ellie Harrison's campaign to find organisations to apdopt a climate change sign... more

Photo by Ellie Harrison

A Good Climate for Business

Posted by: Ellie Harrison on Jul 19, 2011

Read Ellie Harrison's guest post about her works at Two Degrees 2011


Photo by Sam Trotman

Striking Cuts

Posted by: Artsadmin on Jul 5, 2011

On June 30th, with barber's chair in tow, The Haircut Before the Party dropped by at several pickets outside local schools and universities to support teachers and researchers on the national day of strike action...


Two Degrees: what went on?

Posted by: Artsadmin on Jun 22, 2011

A selection of pictures from some of our Two Degrees events last week plus links to some online coverage of events. more

Archipelago - photo story

Posted by: Artsadmin on Jun 22, 2011

A stream of photos updated weekly showing what the Archipelago artists have been doing this week... more

Detail from 'The Crow who didn't know...' (2011) Claire Blundell Jones. Photo by Laura Milnes

A Step into the Unknown

Posted by: Laura Milnes on Jun 17, 2011

Laura Milnes tests her mettle as she crosses the breach into unknown territory while working on two unidentified [flying] projects. more


This is tomorrow - Two Degrees video

Posted by: Artsadmin on Jun 13, 2011

Mark Godber and Sam Trotman introduce the 2011 festival and some of the artists and projects involved.


Two Degrees behind the scenes photos

Posted by: Sam Trotman on Jun 8, 2011

Check out a sneak preview of what's been going on in the lead up to Two Degrees 2011... more

After the riots: What now for student activists?

Posted by: Guest author on Jun 6, 2011

A blog by Chiara Rimella originally published on, republished here as part of our Two Degrees 2011 partnership.  So, it finally happened: British university fees for the year 2012/2013 were announced, and as many students feared, they amount to the ‘emergency-only’ sum of £9000. The student unions’ reaction is, predictably, that of profound disappointment: James Haywood, Goldsmiths College’s Campaigns officer, admits the defeat. As with every lost battle, though, a question arises: will the war rage on? more


Like a Bird in Wandsworth Park

Posted by: Cat Harrison on Jun 3, 2011

Cat Harrison reflects on taking a birds eye view of life in Wandsworth Park... more

What on Earth film shoot slideshow

Posted by: Cat Harrison on Apr 26, 2011

Cat Harrison braves the windy cliff edge at Beachy Head for a film shoot with Curious... more


Posted by: Artsadmin on Apr 14, 2011

Local Day slideshow

Posted by: Artsadmin on Apr 12, 2011

Some pictures from Mem Morrison's Local Day in Ponder's End. more

Photo by Laura Milnes

The idea before the haircut

Posted by: Laura Milnes on Mar 25, 2011

Laura Milnes got more the average haircut when she booked an appointment at The Haircut Before The Party... more

Handbag video

Posted by: Artsadmin on Mar 23, 2011

Handbag in the Grand Hall at Battersea Arts Centre. more

Start at Ponders End

Posted by: Hana Tait on Mar 22, 2011

Hana Tait heads into the wilds of North London with Mem Morrison... more

Visa Restrictions - the story so far

Posted by: Manick Govinda on Mar 21, 2011

Artist's Advisor, Manick Govinda explains the campaign against Visa Restrictions on non-EU artists and academics. more


Posted by: Cat Harrison on Mar 15, 2011

Artsadmin's trainee Cat Harrison talks collaboration in a podcast created for crowdfunding website


Darwin Originals films

Posted by: Artsadmin on Mar 4, 2011

Baring my soul... and other things

Posted by: Laura Milnes on Feb 21, 2011

Laura Milnes, Artsadmin's trainee producer, faces her fears and dives head first into a revealing weekend workshop with Oreet Ashery. more

Dominoes video

Posted by: Artsadmin on Feb 21, 2011

Opportunities in Crisis

Posted by: Cat Harrison on Feb 3, 2011

It's a brilliant word that isn't it? Emerging. Its everywhere at the moment – it’s a bit of a buzzword. Emerging. Not emerged or submerged or established. No, I'm on the move: processing, progressing, digressing and exploring. It's a good place to be. more

Interference: Hope & Despair

Posted by: Artsadmin on Jan 28, 2011

What can live art do?

Posted by: Artsadmin on Jan 28, 2011
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