All Roads Lead to Rome Trailer

Posted by: Artsadmin on Mar 3, 2014

Chris Dobrowolski's sneak preview into All Roads Lead to Rome



Dissolved notes from early workshops

Posted by: Artsadmin on Feb 12, 2014

Julian Maynard Smith writes a piece inspired by the technology used Station House Opera's new project Dissolved.


The Making of The Falsettos

Posted by: Artsadmin on Jan 29, 2014

Teaser film made by Claire Nolan on the making of Stacy Makishi's The Falsettos


Photo by Nikki Tomlinson.

An Interview with Stacy Makishi

Posted on Jan 22, 2014

Diana Damian-Martin interviews Stacy Makishi. Originally published in Exeunt Magazine on 17 May 2013.


Artsadmin in 2013

Posted on Dec 19, 2013

A short summary of Artsadmin projects from 2013.


Nick Cassen, from Work Experience 2013

Let's Talk About the Money #artsfunding #illshowyoumine

Posted on Nov 28, 2013

Our round-up of the recent online comment about money in the arts...


Money Talks: films

Posted by: Artsadmin on Nov 27, 2013

Films from Money Talks on crowdfunding and ethical fundraising.


Make Space: Summer Project 2013

Posted on Oct 14, 2013

Photos of Artsadmin's 2013 Summer Project led by artist Nic Green.


PILOT festival: a look back

Posted by: Artsadmin on Oct 2, 2013

The best photos from the PILOT weekend with a review written by Katherine Wood.


Florence Peake's MAKE at Baltic

Posted on Sep 27, 2013

Film of Florence Peake's performance piece MAKE at Baltic.


Two Degrees: a look back

Posted by: Artsadmin on Sep 17, 2013

Two Degrees 2013 film

Posted on Sep 11, 2013

Round-up of our 2013 Two Degrees festival which focused on climate, consumerism and community.



Dominoes in Copenhagen film

Posted on Aug 28, 2013

Watch Dominoes move through the streets of Copenhagen.


Artsadmin at Open East Festival photos 1

Posted by: Artsadmin on Aug 21, 2013

Photos of Handbag at Open East Festival 2013.


Artsadmin at Open East Festival photos 2

Posted by: Artsadmin on Aug 21, 2013

Photos of Ice Cream Van at Open East Festival 2013.


Imagine the Great Transition video

Posted by: Artsadmin on Aug 20, 2013

The final day of this year's Two Degrees festival was produced with LIFT and was dedicated to work and relflection on nef's publication Imagine the Great Transition.



Edgy Centres video

Posted by: Artsadmin on Aug 7, 2013

Video of project Edgy Centres with students at Leyton Sixth Form experimenting with notions of space.


Give change a chance

Posted by: Artsadmin on Aug 6, 2013

A talk our Assistant artists' advisor & producer, Cat Harrison, gave at the All Ireland Performing Arts Conference.


Dominoes pre-film

Posted by: Artsadmin on Jul 31, 2013

Watch the pre-film of Dominoes as Copenhagen prepares for Station House Opera's powerful moving sculpture.


Lachrymae photos

Posted by: Artsadmin on Jul 30, 2013

Photos from Artmusic's Lachrymae; beautiful sound and sculptural installation set in Wandsworth Park's Avenue of Trees.


All About What Next?

Posted by: Artsadmin on Jul 9, 2013

A round up of presentations and discussion from our All About What Next? event held on Monday 8 July at Toynbee Studios.


7 Promises at Two Degrees

Posted by: Artsadmin on Jun 19, 2013

On the evening of 18 June promises were made and rewarded with shots...


Two Degrees: Worldstrike! Daily Briefings

Posted on Jun 17, 2013

As part of Two Degrees 2013, Lewis Bassett is holding a daily Financial Times breakfast, taking the FT as a starting point from which to untangle the web of finance and track the presence of our ecology in a system based on the paradox of infinite growth.


Two Degrees on Resonance FM

Posted by: Artsadmin on Jun 17, 2013

Listen to hear our festival Two Degrees featured on Resonance FM, media partner for the festival.


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