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Screenings programme 4

Peter Reder, Re-Visit (2000, 12mins)
Reder’s parents knew Toynbee Hall in the 1940s. They attended classes, went to concerts, and saw Gilbert and Sullivan operas in the theatre. This is a record of their return, 50 years later.

Edith Marie Pasquier, The White Road (2004, 8mins)
Shot on Super 8 over two winters in Ballygawley village, Northern Ireland, a quiet narrative traces a man visiting his childhood home and his thoughts on his yearly ‘crossing’ from ‘across the water’.

Curious, (be)longing (2007, 10mins)
A documentary made in collaboration with a group of African teenage girls who were trafficked into the UK for sexual exploitation but broke free of their captors. Now having built new lives for themselves with the help of the NSPCC, the girls face deportation on their 18th birthdays under current Home Office rules.

Image: Still from The White Road (Edith Marie Pasquier)


Date and time

14–15 June 2007

Please note
This is now a past event.


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