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50 Acts

Wendy Houstoun

Action 2
A celebration of action.
The image for ACTION 2 came from something that happened some time ago. J was not having a good time. He had a broken leg. He was fighting “schizophrenia” (whatever that is). He was falling apart.
After being away on tour I came home. The flat door was open. The plaster cast, neatly cut apart, was resting against the banisters of the stairs.
I went up into the flat.
The lights were blazing. The record player was spinning at full speed. All the water taps were running on full. Steam from the hot water was creeping around every object. The windows were open wide and the curtains were flying. Every ring on the cooker was hot, hot and the hoover was plugged in and sucking away at the same spot of the carpet.
At this moment in time we might call this an eco-crime.
At that moment it was a rush of energy. An escape, leaving behind it a trail, a declaration of intention.
ACTION 2 is a celebration of this moment.
£5.00 / £3.00  ——  A BAC Scratch Commission


Date and time

27–29 November 2008

Please note
This is now a past event.


Tel: 020 7223 2223