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Grand  Union Youth Orchestra of East London
During  the first half of the evening witness  world-class musicians leading some of East London’s finest young performers in  an ensemble that will change the way you think about world music in the UK.  Combining Indian ragas and Turkish melodies with Latin rhythms and African  drums, this youth orchestra says “Yes!” to everything and makes it work.  Immersed in elements of music that span the globe, this ensemble is outfitted  with instruments from all cultures, including saz, sarangi, sitar, and steel  pan. Mix in a spicy percussion section of tabla, dohl, Djembe and congas,  serve it up with bluesy solos and riffs from brass, winds and strings – the  Grand Union Youth Orchestra of East London turns your conception of ‘world  music’ and ‘youth orchestra’ on its head.

Players include  Haydn Newland (UK) – concert harp, Ketan Kerai (Bangladesh) – sarangi and  tabla, Gunes Cerit (Turkey) – saz, George Webster (UK) – clarinet, sax, piano,  Jonathan Andre (UK) – djembe, vocals, sax, Kome Eleyae (UK) – bass, Shakeel  Khan (Bangladesh) – dolak, sitar, Demetris Yiasemides (Greece) – flute,  trombone, Lilia Ioncheva (Bulgaria) – percussion, Alex Gagatsis (Greece) –  percussion.

Spirit of Carnival
The second half of the concert  celebrates an unashamed affirmation of the carnival spirit  featuring world-class jazz players and musicians of the Grand Union Carnival Band taking the audience on a  journey from Central America, via Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia and South America and back to the Caribbean. The music is joyous and upbeat,  incorporating a wide range of dance rhythms from calypso and reggae through  township and hi-life to bhangra and Bollywood.  Steel pans and panpipes lock horns  with dhol and dijeridu, while stunning jazz improvisation surfs the infectious  dance rhythms that will inevitably have you on your  feet!
The band includes  Claude  Deppa (trumpet,  congas); Yousuf Ali  Khan (tabla,  dholak); Louise  Elliott (tenor saxophone,  flute); Gerry  Hunt  (guitar, bass guitar, sax); Tony Haynes  (piano, trombone); Josefina Cupido (drums,  voice).


Date and time

13 December 2008

Please note
This is now a past event.


Toynbee Studios
28 Commercial Street
London, E1 6AB
Tel: 020 7247 5102
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