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Artist Talk

Gary Stevens

As part of Gary Stevens’ Performance Lab we hold a series of talks by guest artists which are open to all. This month’s guest speaker are Lee Campbell and Frog Morris.
Lee Campbell came to prominence in 2000 in a show at the OXO Tower Wharf called “Beautiful“. Recent solo performances include the Whitstable Biennale 2008 which involved a re-enactment of the opening credits of “The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin“, “And the penny drops” at Non Grata, Tallin, Estonia and a piece loosely based on a Blur song called “Country House” in Brighton. In October 2008 he curated a series of live art events as Campbell and Morris Projects with Frog Morris around London and is currently featured in a new publication written by Bob and Roberta Smith called “Hijack Reality” A How To Guide to Organize a Really Top Notch Art Festival.
Lee Campbell is an artist and curator. He has been developing a format of performance through a very straightforward and effective process. His work is concerned with text, the misinterpretation of speech and slippage in language, using an absurd and ironic tone which questions the relationship between what is heard and what is seen. His work deals with the construction of identity through social etiquette.
Frog Morris has a passion for experimenting with forms of light entertainment. His performances have feature poems, songs, stories, music, jokes, political speeches, dances, videos, drawings, quizzes, puppets, vegetables, fish and occasional brief scenes of nudity as he agitates the audience into a profound sense of bemusement. People are usually unsure about what to expect next from him.
Frog Morris also organises live events including Frogstock Festival and Second Thursdays in the Montague Arms. He also curated a program of performances for Whitstable Biennale 2008. Recently Frog Morris has been working with Lee Campbell to curate a series of live art events in London during Autumn 2008.


Date and time

22 November 2008

Please note
This is now a past event.


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