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Books We Should Be Friends

Lucy Cash

Books We Should Be Friends by Lucy Cash

A performance workshop led by Goat Island members Lucy Cash and Bryan Saner in collaboration with 7-10 practitioners from the Jena community.
One of the Bauhaus’ original goals was to integrate quality design concepts and economy into factories and thereby make good products available for use by the average consumer, Did this ideal ever work? Did it work too well? People in Jena can own the exact same Ikea chair as people in Chicago. Is this fact a questionable byproduct of this design economy? How often do we buy chairs, garments or meals made in our neighborhood by local artisans? How often do we license ourselves to create our own music, environments and lifestyles based on our own bodies and our own spaces?During the month of April and early May, participants will be asked to observe and respond to weekly directives focusing on our designed livable environment.
The responses will be written, crafted, edible, wearable, singable or performable and will culminate in Jena in a performance workshop and a performance.


Date and time

11–18 May 2009

Please note
This is now a past event.