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Give What You Can, Take What You Need

Rajni Shah

Walk through Eldon Square Shopping Centre during Wunderbar’s first weekend – in the midst of the shoppers and bargains galore you will find a group of people at a large table. Why not join the small gathering seated there?
As a newcomer you’ll be invited to take part and offered a small gift both as a token and as an inspiration for you to bring something to the table – to share time, conversations and gifts with your fellow strangers around the table.
“Piccadilly Square on a bustling Saturday morphed into a dinner table, a debating room, a ping-pong contest and much besides. It was wonderful to have the excuse to talk to complete strangers, to reflect on what makes a conversation, or a community, gel or fall apart. This was an unforgettable experience”
Participant of give what you can, take you need in Manchester 2008


Date and time

7–8 November 2009

Please note
This is now a past event.