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Performing Idea Symposium

One day ticket £15/£10
Five day pass £50/£40
Please call 020 7650 2350 to book

5 October
Other Durations
Artists are increasingly playing with, inhabiting and transforming the time of the artwork. Speakers will address questions of how we can now think of the time of performance? What are the relations between performance, time and cultural value? How is performance reconfiguring and othering our understandings and experiences of time? With Fred Moten, Lara Shalson, Bojana Kunst, Boyan Manchev, Matthew Goulish and Janine Antoni

6 October
Living Archives
Part of the Performing Idea Programme investigating what happens to the life of art in its archival form. Speakers will address the relation between artists and the archival drive, the artist’s experiences and body as a kind of living archive. With Janez Janša, Heike Roms, Anne Bean, Rose English, Hannah Hurtzig and Lois Keidan.

7 October
Reciprocal Aesthetics
Speakers will examine the notion and limits of the idea that contemporary art and performance is a reciprocal affair. They will ask what gets transacted in contemporary art? What is given and what is taken, what is shared and what cannot be shared? With Shannon Jackson, Maaike Bleeker and Wafaa Bilal.  

8 October
Performative Writing
An investigation into what extent critical thinking and writing can be deemed an art form? Speakers will examine the histories, limits and possibilities of the forms of ‘performative writing’, the dynamics of the performing idea. With Peggy Phelan, Matthew Goulish and Adrian Heathfield.

9 October

An afternoon exploring the creative and critical dynamics of the dialogic projects of Joe Kelleher and Tim Etchells. Tim Etchells’ In Silence is a series of encounters with those whose work and life leads them to an interest and investment in silence. Joe Kelleher’s Promises is a dialogue with writers and curators of Italian contemporary performance: Giulia Palladini and Silvia Bottiroli.


Date and time

5–9 October 2010

Please note
This is now a past event.


Toynbee Studios
28 Commercial Street
London, E1 6AB
Tel: 020 7247 5102
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