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Graeme Miller

As part of Week-end International á La Cité

24 June 6pm-9pm, 25 June 4pm-9pm, 26 June 3pm-6.30pm

Track is an environmental work and moveable participatory installation by Graeme Miller that throws landscape through 90 degrees and sets it in motion.

Face-up and camera-style, the viewer is smoothly trundled by their individual ‘grip’ on a slow journey along a 100 metre length of dolly track and invited to gaze upwards.

For the participant, the work creates a total shift in relationship with whichever environment it is installed, whether built or natural, indoor or outdoor. For the onlooker, that space is transformed by the vanishing tracks and the continuous, hypnotic motion of the viewers and the people pushing them.

A chance to embrace a vivid re-orientation, to look up and wonder at our earth-bound clumsiness.
Louise Gray

Track is co-produced by Entre Cour et Jardins and originally commissioned by home live art and Wandsworth Council Arts Team for The Shimmy.


Date and time

24–26 June 2011

Please note
This is now a past event.


Theatre de la Cité Internationale
14 Boulevard Jourdan, 75014 Paris, France