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The Making of Bull: The True Story

Stacy Makishi

Photo by Vick Ryder

The Making of Bull : The True Story is a one-woman evening-length performance; a powerful fusion of theatre, music, film and text.

Inspired by the Coen brothers’ film FARGO, which proclaims in its prologue, ‘This is a True Story’, Hawaii-born Makishi finally ‘comes out’ and tells the whole truth behind an elliptical tale. Weaving between the real and the fake, the unbelievable real and the believably fake, and sampling material from FARGO along the way, Makishi takes us on an uncanny, hilarious and enjoyably disorientating journey around notions of truth.

“Bull [as in Bullshit]: The True Story is the best written, deft piece of performance I have seen in a long long time. The amount of layers making you feel sometimes exuberant and sometimes depressed, the way the story so concisely jumps and skims from one thing to another, to go back and then forward again, to end, to resume and then finally end for real, how Stacy Makishi (God how I love her name) in the craziest character, if it even is a character, speaks and moves…… how can you not enjoy what she has to give you?” 
Bellyflop Magazine


Date and time

9 June 2011

Please note
This is now a past event.


Seven Arts Centre
31a Harrogate Road
Chapel Allerton
Tel: 0113 26 26 777