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Two Degrees: Work-a-thon for the Self-Employed

Photo by the artist


The Work-a-thon will attempt to set a record for the most self-employed people working in the same space (on their own individual projects) over the course of a single 9-5 day.

In a post-financial crisis world of increasingly precarious labour, the Work-a-thon aims to create a space where self-employed workers can enjoy their own water cooler moments; working together, lunching together, knocking off at 5 and going to the pub together – forging new friendships, connections, collaborations, working methodologies and political action, perhaps even the birth of a ‘Union for the Self-Employed’.

Work-a-thon for the Self-Employed is coordinated by Ellie Harrison. Working with a number of organisations across London who support and represent freelance workers, such as the Association of Illustrators, AIR: Artists’ Interaction & Representation and the Writers’ Guild of Great Britain, as well as artists’ groups concerned with contemporary labour issues, such as Amateurist Network and, we hope to bring together a spectrum of disparate self-employed people from a variety of disciplines.

To register and take part, visit

Work-a-thon on Facebook

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Date and time

13 June 2011

Please note
This is now a past event.


Toynbee Studios
28 Commercial Street
London, E1 6AB
Tel: 020 7247 5102
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