5 November 2011

The Making Of Bull: The True Story

Stacy Makishi  

Colchester Arts Centre
Church Street

Stacy Makishi’s touring solo show, The Making of Bull : The True Story is a riff on the Coen brothers’ film FARGO. It is about what’s real and what’s fake. It’s also about how we make art and how our art makes us. Disorientating and uplifting, this uncanny tale revolves around a kidnap, an unrequited love, a lost ransom and a woman frozen in the snow.

“It is theatre, it is bullshit. And I eat it raw because what Stacy Makishi does is very hard to do in performance. You often see folks trying - hard - although it is not easy to get it right. But Stacy Makishi is on the bull's-eye. And I will bet you dollars to donuts everyone thinks so, I mean, she is a bluestocking and she is obsessed with Steve Buscemi” 
Bellyflop Magazine

The Making of Bull : The True Story will be presented at the Mladi Festival in Slovenia this August and is available for touring throughout 2011-12.
The Making of Bull: The True Story 2011-11-05 00:00:00 2011-11-05 00:00:00 Colchester Arts Centre, Colchester
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