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Tate Modern Live: Emma Smith ∆E=W

?E=W (change in energy = the work) is an ongoing project by artist Emma Smith developed from a series of experiments involving touch, the gaze and spatial harmonics.

A group of pre-selected members of the public is invited to reconsider the experience we have in a gallery through a series of vocal and physical responses to artworks on display. By interacting with Tate’s Collection and each other, the players experiment with moving beyond a solo and contemplative relationship to art to explore the energetic relations between people, practice and space.

?E=W aims to collapse the distinction between art object and ephemeral act by considering all matter, on the sub-atomic level, as energy. Moving beyond a scientific conception of energy, the project investigates the potential of art as a mechanism for channeling or converting energy as we physically experience it. Exploring energy in relation to the body, collective action, practice and work, the game proposes a new language for interpretation and interaction within the gallery.

The game will be played in the Energy and Process galleries on Tate Modern’s level 5, in room 3.


Date and time

3 December 2011

Please note
This is now a past event.


Tate Modern