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The Haircut Before the Party: Possibility of the impossible – Exploring the idea of Communism

Every Tuesday 7pm

THCBTP are collaborating with Matt Cole to create a temporary commune in the form of a reading group to open up, discuss and collectively learn about communism, its history and its application today. At the first session you will receive a free USB key containing the texts you will be reading and discussing.

Each week will be related to a different text (provided on memory stick) that will take us on a journey through the idea of communism. We will meet to discuss the texts and ideas with space for debate chat and drinks.

To get involved and join the group just turn up at 7pm on 25th Oct and you will receive the texts for the next 4 weeks.


25 Oct: Back to basics: Marx, The Communist Manifesto, The Idea of Communism?
1 Nov:  Conflict: Bakunin, Lenin, proletarians ?8/11 Sites of antagonism: Autonomism, anti-work, worker-subjects?
15 Nov: Black like Mao: A stage of Marxism, moving beyond Europe, beyond whiteness?
22 Nov: The Call: Occupations, invention, Tiqquin’s insurrection

“Where to begin? Is this not the problem of the present? It seems that the movement of Marxism towards an ultimate destination has been historically destroyed—communism has been reduced to a mere “spectre” haunting Europe whilst taking the occasional holiday in the global South…”


Date and time

25 October – 22 November 2011

Please note
This is now a past event.


The Salon
26-28 Toynbee St
E1 7NE