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Graeme Miller

Photo by Graeme Miller

Track is a moveable participatory installation throws landscape through 90° and sets it in motion.

Face-up and camera-style, participants are moved by their individual ‘grip’ on a slow, smooth journey along a 100 metre length of dolly track and invited to gaze upwards. They undergo a solitary, immersive experience as the landscape is transformed around them.

For Fierce Festival, Track takes place in the dramatic underbelly of Birmingham's Gravelly Hill Interchange. Opened in 1972 and known popularly as Spaghetti Junction, the structure plaits together five different levels of road on 559 columns up to 80 feet high and has become intrinsically associated with Birmingham. Track reveals a bewildering visual and sonic perspective from the landscape below, where a ground-level system of local roads, railways, canals, rivers and pipelines make their own intersections.

Track is presented as part of the Fierce Festival and as an off-site project of Ikon.

Track is co-produced by Entre Cour et Jardins and originally commissioned by home live art and Wandsworth Council Arts Team for The Shimmy. Supported by the Jerwood Charitable Foundation.


Date and time

31 March – 1 April 2012

Please note
This is now a past event.


Fierce Festival