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Doors at 7.30pm. £4

Oo La Lume presents another evening made for your ears, taking place in the Arts Bar & Café.

Look at all these lovely people who will be joining us!

Mae Karthauser
Mae boasts a collection of vibrant circus-esque songs that tell vivid stories of wayward characters both human and animal. Song and music is coupled with a distinctive twist of humour and eccentrically woven anecdotes (on topics as wide as resident ladybirds, the violent homeless, and literature for 8-10 year olds). Mae has audiences nestled playfully in the palm of her hand, as she strokes each one of them gently on the head, grinning like a badly behaved child in the chocolate aisle.

The Inconstant Band
A collective of improvisational performers who enjoy telling stories, blowing minds and playing rambunctious grooves. Each gig is a unique adventure in which dance music and voice become perplexingly entwined. Sometimes the blend is beautiful and moving, sometimes it is not. But with Inconstant, uncertainty is half the fun.

Xiipal & the Xolotls
Xiipal [pronounced ‘shi-pal’] will perform a host of new songs forged in the crucible of a dystopian London, this time with the xolotls [pronounced ‘sho’lot’tul’s] a troop of feral rebel players, to kick up the fire in songs of destructive desire.

Tim Gill
Tim first began his classical training in both viola and violin, he has collaborated with diverse acts such as an electro-acoustic group (Message to Bears), a folk-blues-reggae hybrid band (The Alchemists) and contemporary classical pianist Jean-Philippe Rio-Py. It is, however, Tim’s live performances that have helped define him as such a uniquely creative musician, whether layering pizzicato chords with the assistance of a loop pedal, building them into tremendous crescendos, or using subtleties of applied pressure on the bow to achieve a wealth of lush soundscapes, Tim has moved entire rooms to silence with his utterly captivating and highly emotive shows

And finally…us.

Oo La Lume
Oo La Lume met at Dartington College of Arts, probably in a field. They sing and shout and rein-in sways of folk, experimental, blues and soul music with close (and sometimes far) harmony vocals. Their music is crafted by three travelling voices, along with their shared love of beautiful, unsettling and stirring harmonies.

If you'd like to play at a future Song-Seek please contact Oo La Lume at


Date and time

31 May 2012

Please note
This is now a past event.


Toynbee Studios
28 Commercial Street
London, E1 6AB
Tel: 020 7247 5102
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