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Roadmetal, Sweetbread

Station House Opera

Photo by Hydar Dewachi

Occupying an alternative world which bears an uncanny resemblance to reality, a man and a woman compete for survival with their own life-size video images. Projected life-size onto a wall, the performers’ video personas vie with their live counterparts for attention and authenticity, regarding each other with conflicting emotions. Hidden motives, repressed impulses, covert violence and secret passions all become visible in this strange space which is part real, part intangible, part past and part present.

Station House Opera’s remarkable and award-winning production Roadmetal, Sweetbread has toured all over the world, each time especially recreated for the particular performance space. Now, 14 years after its very first performance in London, the production has been entirely recreated with a brand new cast. Combining live performance with synchronized film footage, every show is unique, each space viewed in a new light, as Station House Opera tantalises the audience and works its magic from a distance.
Written & directed by Julian Maynard Smith and Susannah Hart
Performed by Florence Peake and Florian Feigl
Video by Becky Edmunds
Production manager Oliver Hymans

“The company’s achievement is to take a formal experiment and turn it into something rippling with undercurrents… this is a show with suggestive appeal”
Time Out
“A blistering good piece of work.”                                                  
The Guardian


Date and time

4–5 October 2012

Please note
This is now a past event.


Festival Effervescence
Maison de la Culture de Nevers