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Projector / Conjector

Mamoru Iriguchi

Photo: Julian Hughes

Projector/Conjector is a playful dancereferencing the mechanics of theatre. A love story between a boy – called Projector – with a projector attached to his head and a girl called Conjector, with a TV attached to her head. Moved by digitally generated moving image, the two meet and fall in love, just like in Swan Lake.
Originally trained as a zoologist, Mamoru Iriguchi makes performance work rooted in extensive experience of designing space for live performance and interests in 2D and 3D, gender andsexuality, parasitism and symbiosis, fairytales and evolution theories.
‘beautifully techno-cuckoo…charmingly dead-pan, witty and inventive’
Donald Hutera (dance writer, The Times)
‘…as well as being absurdly hilarious, it's also very sweet. One of the most imaginative things you’ll see this season’

Lyndsey Winship (dance editor, Time Out)


Date and time

23 November 2012

Please note
This is now a past event.


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