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Chorus: swell the thickening surface of

Florence Peake

Chorus: swell the thickening surface of © Florence Peake. Image by Cameron Leadbetter

Performances: 22nd March

Gallery open Wed – Fri: 11am to 6pm, 
Sat: 11am to 4pm

Florence Peake is at Tintype's 2013 Project Space artist and started working in the gallery space on 11 February and the subsequent show, Chorus: swell the thickening surface of, opened 3 March.

“You have desires that are private, something beyond ambition more like hope or guilt. A frequency, that rises into consciousness catching you off guard. We turn, out of necessity towards refuge.”

Florence plans Chorus: swell the thickening surface of as a sound piece for a cast of figures. While working in the gallery space in February, she will record a number of interviews and conduct palm readings. These will be distilled and 'spoken' by figurative sculptures that Peake constructs in the gallery.

Florence Peake’s practice encompasses visual art, dance and performance. Recent work has been concerned with the often hidden production processes of artworks, interacting with, re-imagining and re-framing the procedures, actions and gestures involved in both making a piece of work and packaging it (literally). Florence often incorporates large-scale objects and materials so that ‘dance’ becomes a means of playing with a shifting landscape of mock sculptures that change and re-form in front of the audience.


Date and time

3 March – 6 April 2013

Please note
This is now a past event.


18 St Cross Street