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Press-Pump, Slip-Slap. Shake. Break. Burn….. Fall

8pm. Free.

A new collaborative performance by Corinne Felgate and Florence Peake, inspired by the people, machines and products of Steelite International, commissioned by the British Ceramics Biennial, Stoke-on-Trent.

O thy jiggle, thy wiggle thy splat and slipper

How we swoon grand slip hose at your fair press house.

Rise pithy spinner and crazed tinkler…

Hark! The terrines do clash

Slay thy wheeled cellist.

! T’was teapot !

Shroud them in your black, sticky embrace.

. Divide…. and Conquer.

scrabble over the crank, the flat, the broken decay

In search of anew, a fresh, a steely, light empire.

baptized in the slip that ran from his veins

we shall not… Will not… break.

But by, god, will we burn.


Date and time

27 September 2013

Please note
This is now a past event.


Former Spode Factory
Elenora Street