28 February 2014

Are You Sitting Comfortably? Science-Fiction


Toynbee Studios
28 Commercial Street
E1 6AB
T 020 7650 2350
E admin@artsadmin.co.uk

7.30pm. £8.

Travel with us back to the future, to a parellel universe, through a tear in the space time continuum, past monkeys typing furiously as stars are born and galaxies revolve around impossible suns.

We’ll visit worlds populated by teleporting androids and carnivorous plants, where beings of incredible wisdom do unspeakable things to our bums.

Put on your catsuit, and we’ll beam you up to our fantasy land for an evening of Sci-fi short stories, written by Londoners and read by the team at White Rabbit.

We’ve got spacedust. You can have some.

Writers for the evening:
Rachel Goth
Paul Goulden
Jack Houston
Geraldine Wiley
Arike Oke
Andrea Bennett
Esther Cleverly
Emma Whitby
Siobhan McVeigh

Are You Sitting Comfortably? returns on 28 March 

Are You Sitting Comfortably? Science-Fiction 2014-02-28 00:00:00 2014-02-28 00:00:00 Toynbee Studios, London UK
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