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Liquid Gold is the Air

Rosemary Lee

Under the Vaulted Sky by Rosemary Lee. Photo by Shaun Armstrong.

Fllmed in the Cathedral of Treesa magical arboretum planted more than 40 years ago, this three-screen video work combines moments of stillness with swathes of vibrant colour, movement and sound as clusters of dancers appear and disappear amongst a cavernous backdrop of trees. 

Drawing inspiration from her performance Under The Vaulted Sky, created for  IF: Milton Keynes International Festival 2014, Rosemary has joined forces with film-maker Roswitha Chesher to create Liquid Gold is the Air. The work features a haunting soundtrack by Graeme Miller and music by Terry Mann.

Liquid Gold is the Air won the overall Festival prize at Limericks international dance film festival Light Moves 2015. They described it as “delicate and strong, magical yet profoundly tangible and above all full of hope.”

Spectator comments 

“Beautifully true and truly beautiful.”

“I never imagined I could be moved by a moving video triptych – but I was – astoundingly beautiful”

“I was transfixed! Amazing and beautiful blend of movement, sound and colour. I want to tell everyone to come and see it! 5 stars!”

“It made me feel like I was in another world- very peaceful and calming. I felt like I wanted to fly…”

“I totally loved it – its stillness and beauty – Visual images that will stay with me….the use of golden hands, the trees, the music , the spaciousness. Thank you”

Date and time

8–24 May 2015

Please note
This is now a past event.


Norwich Cathedral, Norfolk & Norwich Festival