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SPILL 15 – Pacitti Company & Special Guests: Moving Mountains

Photo by Robert Pacitti.

1-8pm. Part of the Toynbee Studios Day Pass, SPILL Week 1 Pass and SPILL All-Seeing Pass.

To purchase as part of the SPILL All-Seeing Pass or the SPILL Week 1 Pass please call Toynbee Studios box office on 020 7650 2350.

A three-screen video work exploring issues of disability and power, starring Angela Dawn Wright, Giovanna Maria Casetta, Rowan James & Tonny.

Moving Mountains is an installation of arresting images and a dark soundtrack, that distil a public response, from and on behalf of disabled people, to experiences of prejudice or assault – big or small, subtle or overt – that take place pretty much daily. But this does not mean it starts from being victims, and in the words of one participant, “fuck your sympathy”.

The work starts with a question: whose responsibility is it to deal with instances of oppression faced by disabled people. Or rather, people who are disabled by a world that ‘others’ their physical or mental realities?

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Date and time

29 October – 1 November 2015

Please note
This is now a past event.


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