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SPILL 15 – DOUBLE BILL – Daniel Oliver: Weird Séance & Katy Baird: Workshy

Daniel Oliver: photo by Guido Mencari, SPILL Festival 2014.Katy Baird: photo by Holly Revell / DARC.

This event is now sold out. More info on the Barbican website.

Daniel Oliver – Weird Séance: Incredible Interquel Spectacle!
2pm or 6pm, 45mins.

A show about a show, that didn’t go so well…

Daniel Oliver’s Weird Séances are raucously deconstructionist, roughly layered participatory performances about participatory performance. Each show is haphazardly crow-barred into its site and context; rejigged, added to, undone and perverted so that no two performances are the same. We are in the future looking back on the traumatic incident that occurred right here, in this space, during Daniel’s show. Returning to the site to partially reconstruct the tragic performance, to discuss blame, and to attempt to make amends with those who survived.

Katy Baird – Workshy
4pm, 60mins.

This is a show about work. Some people work to make money, some people work to feel fulfilled and some people don’t work at all. For the last two decades, Katy has been at the frontline of the customer service industry. From getting you high to super-sizing your whopper meal she has done everything she can to make you happy. She is not sure if she has got much more left to give but, for this show (like the true professional she is), she will put herself out there one more time to give you everything you want. Join Katy for a very personal story of the ups and downs of what it means to serve you – the great British public. 


Please note
This is now a past event.