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A Nation’s Theatre – Steakhouse Live: Tender Loin #5

Nima Séne

Photo by Marco Beradi

7.30pm. £10/£8 concessions. 

Steakhouse Live take over the Artsadmin's Arts Bar & Café with their regular, sell out event Tender Loin, this time with A Nation's Theatre twist. Join us for an evening of genre-busting performance from some of the most striking and provocative artists working outside of London, from all over the UK. From dance to disruption, magic to political crusade, Steakhouse Live will let you have your steak and eat it.

Founded in 2013, Steakhouse Live are a community of artists and producers creating new spaces and contexts to show exciting and challenging live work across the UK. Featuring work by: 

Vivian Ezugha (Norwich): Mammies and Jezebels

I am not historical, I am not futuristic, I am not the old nor am I the new. My purpose is to disturb, to interrupt your contemplation and seduce your vision; so that I become the  image of your imagination. 

Vivian was born in Nigeria, Enugu state in 1991. She graduated from Aberystwyth University, School of Art with a first class BA in Fine Art 2014.  Ezugha is currently living and working in Norwich. She is an interdisciplinary artist, working in live art, film and drawing.


Hester Chillingworth (Colchester)

The voice of middle England is in my head, drilled there by years of Radio 4 as I was growing up and now that I'm grown up. Radio 4 in the background, Radio 4 in my background, Radio 4 over dinner, swallowing it down, keeping it down. I don't even hear it any more, like the silence between the pips. Tune in for a long-overdue forced regurgitation.

This is a live real-time solo broadcast of Radio 4. This is an excerpt of a piece which would usually run for 19 hours and 40 minutes, from the 05:20 shipping forecast until the end of the 00:48 shipping forecast.

Hester makes text pieces, performance games and low-key interventionist installations, which often play with language, simplicity, interpretation and some things about childhood, including mischief and confusion.

Hester is the Artistic Director of GETINTHEBACKOFTHEVAN performance company, assistant to Tim Etchells and a freelance director. Recent project collaborations include Marc Almond, Mark Ravenhill, Elmgreen & Dragset, Eva Weinmayr and Bette Bourne. 

Paul Hurley  (Bristol)

Paul’s work has been located primarily in action-based performance, with occasion forays into installation, video and collaborative image making. Central to his work is the body and the live moment, the ‘in-betweenness’ that manifests in the mediation of reality and relation between artist and spectator, and between image or text (in its widest sense) and action. He’s interested in what we can do with the clichéd ‘here and now’ of performance, how we can create exchanges of intimacy and how encounters with the / an- other can create openness and empathy instead of closure and fixity.


Demi Nandhra (Birmingham): Faith

Are you an atheist? Does the thought of a white authoritarian figure in the sky make you laugh your tits off? I’m totally with you.

How does that song go? ’I just prayed to a god I don't believe in’

Faith is about mental illness within a culture and my nan’s holy water. Faith explores the hilarity, the audacity, the annoyance and maybe, the beauty of what faith can do in the face of an illness.

Demi Nandhra is an artist based in Birmingham. Her practice take on an interdisciplinary approach, crossing over performance, installation, film and text. She explores constructed binaries. Both directly and indirectly her work inspects, unpicks or sometimes just observes cultural binaries. Previous projects have been obsessed with the Us and Other binary and her current performance project ‘Life is No Laughing Matter; explores mental health, in particular the personal narrative of the Well vs the Unwell binary, with the pursuit to find a cure against depression. 


Nima Sene (aka Beige B*tch) (Glasgow): ICHI PINKS trulove


                 YOUR WORDS!

            HERE IS MY SEX!

                        YOUR SEX!


                  YOUR BEATS!

         HERE IS MY SKIN!

                     YOUR SKIN!

Since her first year of study Nima Séne has developed the Cultural Transvestite (inspired by Coco Fusco and G.Gomez Pena’s collaborative work), which she is exploring within “trulove”. Nima is also a singer, actor, mover, facilitator and poet.

Nima is first and foremost as a collaborator, and second a performer/actor/singer/mover. She is in her final year of the BA(Hons) Contemporary Performance Practice degree and the Cultural Equality Officer of the Student Union at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

Running time: 2.5 hours.

This show is part A Nation's Theatre Festival – a celebration of creativity from across the UK. Theatre-makers from around the country will be presenting and developing shows across London April-May 2016. 


Date and time

19 May 2016

Please note
This is now a past event.


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28 Commercial Street
London, E1 6AB
Tel: 020 7247 5102
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