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Gudrun Soley Sigurdardottir Nima Séne Cori Williams Teddy May de Kock

Photo by Kenneth Douglas

7.30pm. £5. Nima Sene's installation will be open from 6.30pm.

BANNER is an Artsadmin initiative that supports recent graduates from art schools in their first year out of study. In partnership with Goldsmiths University of London, The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and Live Art Development Agency, we work with four artists for ten months, offering a combination of ongoing dialogue, gatherings and advocacy.

Marking a culmination of this work together, artists Teddy May de Kock, Nima Sene, Gudrun Soley Sigurdardottir and Cori Williams will present new work over one evening at Toynbee Studios. Exploring ideas of belonging, endings, artifice and the rehearsed moment, and spanning sculpture, performance and film, we invite you to join us for a bold programme of short works by a new generation of makers.

Teddy May de Kock: VIVICATION

A powerful feeling production in where Miss Vivian & chicken Fifi take the audience (and themselves) on a muddy trip… Who dares to sit front row?

In VIVICATION Teddy May de Kock’s pseudo persona miss Vivian, “a confused woman in her late 20s”, reveals that she has no clue who she is, where she is and why everybody is… here. Has Vivi lost her memory, did she ever have one or is she ‘just’ one of those flat characters without knowing? Destined to find answers, Vivi will share anything that comes up in her puzzling mind. To give body to this incoherent line of stories she will use any kind of theatrical form she can think of, giving voice to her dreams, hopes and desires.

A show about what the flip-flop is happening inside our minds and how to translate these internal hazzledazzles.

Nima Sene: I, BELONG

“Good Luck!” they say when they know you need it.
When they see your insecurity is still dotted all around your face-spreading like the care free summery freckles you thought you always wanted.
In a world where you have to come from somewhere,
there are daily tests on the way that you must go through to
prove who you are-your existence-you must come from somewhere
that someone can identify.
It must make sense.
It must be coherent with your skin and voice.
The place you come from must match your skin and voice.
Prove it in any way you can.
Otherwise…there will be great confusion!
Good Luck you say to your self as you step into this world,
celebrating your natural duty to take part in this
sickeningly beautiful after party of the day your were born.

I, Belong is an investigation and expression of how familiar and how alienating the sense of belonging can be.

Gudrun Soley Sigurdardottir: YOU DON’T KNOW THE HALF OF IT

A story is only half told if there is only one side presented
– Icelandic Proverb

What is being presented?
What is hidden away?
Do the audience ever get the full story?

You Don’t Know the Half of It is an exploration of things not adding up, missing parts and what happens if there is only one half presented. Through deconstructing theatrical conventions, this performance questions ideas around personal narratives and linear storytelling.

The most important parts of this performance could easily be missed.

Cori Williams: C

“…and I started to think about what came next, or what is coming next, assuming there is to be a future of events. I rely on others around me to trigger my history, my memories. I give objects to provide memories of me. Someone might find one of these memories 300 years from now in an archeological dig and think “this is just a rock”. But I helped put it there.

(a scene for the theatre by Cori Williams)


Date and time

18 May 2017

Please note
This is now a past event.


Toynbee Studios
28 Commercial Street
London, E1 6AB
Tel: 020 7247 5102
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