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The art of a culture of hope

the vacuum cleaner

Photo by the vacuum cleaner

Climate change, peak oil, mass migration, wars in the Arab world and beyond, destabilisation within Europe, financial instability, the rise of nationalism and the erosion of human rights. It’s difficult to look into the future without fear. Artists J&J refuse to be governed by the politics of fear. Through a process of performances and workshops they are igniting long-term discussions, exchanges and actions about our system of values, our fears, hopes and collective future.

For Short Theatre 2018, J&J will facilitate a series of workshops with refugees in collaboration with Baobab Experience, over three days. On 11 September they will present A Sharing, featuring ideas they have encountered whilst in Rome, and those collected over the past three years whilst travelling across Europe.


Date and time

7–11 September 2018

Please note
This is now a past event.


Short Theatre