7 February 2019


Louise Ashcroft  

Toynbee Studios
28 Commercial Street
E1 6AB
E boxoffice@artsadmin.co.uk

7.30pm. £6.

Break all your New Year’s resolutions as Louise Ashcroft and seven artists treat you to a chain reaction of performative dopamine hits to overstimulate your short attention span.

Previous editions have featured a shopping bag full of foam, reverse-marriage, giant personified thumbs, a sick note, a drill pretending to be a duck, this year’s trends, a scarecrow, and foley chess. Who knows what will happen this time? Be there to find out.

You can let us know your access requirements ahead of time by emailing access@artsadmin.co.uk.

Photo by Louise Ashcroft

Photo by Louise Ashcroft

Unperforming 2019-02-07 00:00:00 2019-02-07 00:00:00 Toynbee Studios, London UK
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