7 March 2019

On Akka's Shore

Umama Hamido  

Toynbee Studios
28 Commercial Street
E1 6AB
E boxoffice@artsadmin.co.uk

7.30pm. Free. Book your place online.

A cinematic performance by Umama Hamido, featuring Tareq Al Jazzar, combining film, text, and sound. The piece is concerned with the chaos of memory in relation to personal and collective history and explores themes of dislocation and remembrance. Dramaturgy by Graeme Miller and Nikki Tomlinson.

Commissioned by SPILL in 2018. Also supported by Jerwood Charitable Foundation and an Artsadmin Artists’ Bursary 2018-19.

You can let us know your access requirements ahead of time by emailing access@artsadmin.co.uk.

On Akka's Shore 2019-03-07 00:00:00 2019-03-07 00:00:00 Toynbee Studios, London UK
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