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The Assembly of Animals

Tim Spooner

A performed sculpture which combines puppets, objects and scientific demonstrations

Photo by Paul Blackemore.

“The Assembly of Animals demands your utmost attention even if you have no idea what is happening, and gains the hushed respect a museum of odd, but precious, things deserves. Absolutely fascinating, undeniably bonkers.”

Flossie Waite, Children’s Theatre Review

The Assembly of Animals is a performed sculpture which combines puppets, objects and scientific demonstrations. Children and adults alike are invited to witness the inner workings of a laboratory as it searches for life in material.

A series of red curtains are drawn to reveal an intricate sequence of operations bringing to life a fragile universe of animals within animals.

At the centre of it all is the shape of the animal: a head, a body and four legs. The shape gets taken apart, enlarged, shrunk, rearranged into different versions and stretched to the edges of recognition.

Date and time

29 February 2020

Please note
This is now a past event.


The Tolmen Centre
Constantine, Falmouth
TR11 5AA