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Tink Flaherty

Why do we treat strangers so much better than our friends and family?

An image of Tink Flaherty sitting on a wooden bench in a council estate, facing the camera. They wear double denim, white socks and black loafers, and have a boxing glove on their right hand. Their brown hair is short, and falls slightly over their right eye. Around the bench are a pair of trainers, a glove, and a packet of Twinkies
Benched, Tink Flaherty. Photo by Christa Holka

Since 2018, Tink has been taking their bench out to public locations across the country and inviting strangers to sit with them, in a quest to find authentic forms of connection.  

Benched is a unique exploration of human relationships – the formative and defining ones with those close to us, and the incidental meetings with strangers that stop us in our tracks. Through their unique style of transgentle storytelling, Tink demonstrates the radical and transformative power of offering undivided attention. At once raw and impulsive, confrontational and gentle, Benched confronts intersecting issues of class, gender, neurodivergence and marginalisation, expanding performance tropes and challenging compulsory neuro normativity.  

Prepare for a tender, spontaneous and uncompromising insight into Tink’s world, told through mementos, stories and improvised exchanges.   

Part of Kilkenny Arts Festival from 10-20 August 2023

Created and performed by: Tink Flaherty
Also featuring: Abra Flaherty
Directed by: Rosana Cade
Mentor: Katy Baird
Sound editing by: Jo Jackson
Sound mixing by: Liz Helman
Production Manager: Sorcha Stott-Strzala
Movement director: Frauke Reinhardt
Dramaturgy: Daniel Oliver & Libro Bridgema
Access Support: Catherine Hoffmann
Produced by Artsadmin
Co-commissioned by Cambridge Junction and Artsadmin

Supported with public funding from an Arts Council England’s Project Grant

  • The performance makes reference to themes of alcoholism, violence and drugs.
  • There will be sealed alcohol and prescription medications in the space.
  • There are moments of loud sound during the performance.

The performance space is accessible via wheelchair. There is one step into the pub area

Date and time

18 August 2023

Please note
This is now a past event.


Cleere's Theatre
28 Parliament Street

Kilkenny Arts Festival
R95 YR61